Howto install xen server on X10SLL-F board

I recently got a new server board from Super micro. It’s quite a nice board except for few issues. One of them was that I figured out that citrix xen server is officially unsupported on this board. Well, why?

The installer which is written in python crashes during startup as it tries to launch some command that dumps serial port information. This command returns non 0 RC and whole installer crashes and that is a reason for it not to work.

There is however super easy work around. The hardware itself is supported by XEN, so from technical point of view there is nothing else that this bug in python installer preventing xen from running there. All you need to do is this super nasty trick:

Install XEN on a supported hardware, it can even be a virtual box if you don’t have spare server. Then put the disk with fully installed OS into server. It should boot up just fine.