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My Game of Thrones finale review

Lots of people are pretty vocal about this long expected thing – so here are my few bits:

I did not like it. Not so much as people giving it 1 star on IMDB, I would probably give 3 or 4. There were many goods things in S08 – mostly visuals, CGI in late episodes, acting, music… I liked all these, but the script, that’s where main problem was.

Internet is full of better versions that would be so much more fun to watch, would be far more exciting and people would probably love them, even if they had much darker ending than what D&D did, but ultimately they all share similar problem – there is no way they would fit into one 6 episodes long season.

That’s in my opinion the main reason why this whole season was so bad. Not only because D&D are rather less than average writers compared to GRRM, but mostly because it was nearly impossible to come with a proper story for the finale in so short time.

So why do I blame them? Because they didn’t have to make it this short. It was their decision. HBO wanted 10 seasons. Fans wanted 10 seasons. D&D wanted Star Wars. They were tired of GoT I understand that, so why they didn’t let someone else, who is better than them to finish it? I guess because of personal greed. Having someone else finish project they started just didn’t seem right from their point of view.

So they decided to sacrifice everything they were working for. The complex and mysterious story of Jon Snow, who turned out to be someone else than everyone was thinking – screw it, who cares. Dark and evil Night King with possibly exciting story behind, full of secrets that people wanted to reveal, screw him, no time. Plot armors and fights that made no sense? Who cares, no time to think about this.

They literraly rushed the show to ruins. Long and slow build-up of complex story that is quickly killed by couple of moves and scenes that made no sense whatsoever and didn’t fit in the theme of previous episodes.