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Why I hate wireless

There is this new ongoing trend, forced by Apple and companies that follow Apple, that everything must be wireless. Your headphones, your charger, phone, everything. No more cables.

Sure this is a step forward, no more cables, sounds really cool – but is the technology we have now ready for it? I don’t think so, for multiple reasons:


Everything that is wireless must have a battery inside, otherwise it will not operate since it needs power. Can we create batteries that are eco-friendly and last forever? Nope.

For each wireless gadget we need to create a battery, which is actively harming environment, the battery adds to complexity and weight of the item and it is soon (within 5 years) going to wear out and whole thing becomes unusable. Not a big deal for large corporations like Apple that wish their consumers renewed (buy new) gadgets every year or two. The battery waste (old batteries) are also not very eco-friendly.

Energy efficiency

Wireless charging is least efficient charging that was ever invented. Not that typical charging was efficient, even that is wasting lot of energy, from total energy produced by power plant that is taken by a charger, only few percent is actual energy stored in a battery. But it’s even worse with wireless, the charger consumes huge amount of power just to store tiny amount of it in battery and it’s extremely slow.


These 2 things combined make wireless one of most disastrous innovation from ecological point of view – just image what would happen if everyone switched to wireless gadgets, the vast amount of used batteries and energy overhead from wireless charging would put huge impact on environment. Wireless may be a future, but technology is not yet there to use it in eco-friendly manner.

New blog

Heya, I have decided to move from blogger to my own blog for couple of reasons. The biggest one was that blogger doesn’t support custom code formatters and I often need that when I am posting source codes.

I also got my own domain now 🙂

The contents of previous blog were imported back here and I will post new stuff here only.

Thank you for using my blog, I hope you will find it useful!

About me

Hi all,

So I decided to start writing some interesting articles occasionally, and this one is my first, so I will introduce myself a bit.

My name is Petr Bena, I am an open source developer and in real life I work as a sysadmin.

I am heavily involved in wikimedia project, where I serve as a “community  developer” (non-paid guy who is helping out with many software projects) and I am also volunteering on many other wikimedia projects.

Beside wikimedia, I am working on Pidgeon – open source irc client which I decided to create because I just couldn’t find a good cross-platform irc client 🙂

If you want to find out more personal information about me, have a look on this wikipedia page:

If you are lazy to click the link, here you have some personal information:

I live in Europe, I like coca-cola and czech beer. I don’t like czech politicians. I have 1 cat and 2 tomcats 🙂 and I like them more than they like me. And the most important thing – I like star wars (who doesn’t? :P)

Thank you for reading my blog